Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Le Christening of Le Creuset

There were two big ticket typical wedding gifts that I hoped to receive but alas did not: 1) the coveted KitchenAid mixer and 2) Le Creuset's gorgeous enameled cast iron Dutch oven. I now own the latter. As part of a promotion for Julie&Julia, there was a rare sale on these beauties, and I seized upon the excuse to make one my own. Mine is a lovely blue, and its first masterwork will be cashew and carrot stew from one of my favorite cookbooks. I will turn around this grey, yucky day with some hearty vegetarian yumminess made in my lovely new cookware. Hooray!


Karly said...

Sigh...I still covet those particular 2 items for my kitchen. However, I am supremely happy for you that you got the Le Creuset!! I will simply live vicariously through you describing the wonderful dishes you make in yours until I get one of my own :)

Oh, and did you see the movie? I want to, but haven't yet.

schlelly said...

I was disappointed they discontinued selling the model of dutch oven I wanted (it looked like a chicken) so I searched online and found one. I guess it's technically a "chicken roaster" but it's just like a dutch oven - dual purpose really. Then a big group of friends banded together and got us the mixer - phew! Only problem is our place is so small that both of them still reside in their boxes at my parent's house. It's a tragedy! Tonight I'll go home and drink one for my beautiful purchased but unused kitchen goods :-(