Saturday, September 26, 2009

We celebrate "the good ol' days"

33 trips around the sun! It was only fitting that sun decide to come out and help me celebrate today. The day could not have been more glorious. We grasped the opportunity for the season's first kayak time at the river without shoes (that last bit is the most important if you ask Ellie)! We started the day with cake for breakfast (I made coffee cake last night so it'd be ready), complete with candles and the birthday song. Ellie has learned a birthday song at school that we can't quite identify. The lyrics sound something like this...

You (something something) your baby ways...
...(something something something) days

(if I wanted to more accurately portray volume at which this is sung, the chorus would be in size 24 font with the others in size 8.)
The reason I tell you this is because this morning, Markus asked Ellie if she knew what day it was. She instantly perked up and shouted, "Mama's birthday!" quickly followed by, "Are we going to sing about the good ol' days?"

Yes, we are. Except the good ol' days are now too.


Christine said...

Happy Birthday - its still Saturday here!
It sounds like you had a lovely day :)
I love the children's singing - Matty does the full volume singing too - usually when he's singing Daddy, Daddy Daddy to the tune of twinkle star :)

Karly said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day, and yes, so fitting that the sun came out for you :) The picture of you and the girls is beautiful!

Aussie Mum said...

Sounds like you had lovely birthday - Many happy returns.