Thursday, September 03, 2009

First sewing project

Every Tuesday is library day in Ellie's class. Despite our girl's love of books, she has never come home with library books, and I couldn't understand why. Recently, her teacher held a class meeting for the parents, where she talked about upcoming events and reminders on certain school protocol issues. One of those reminders was to please be sure to send the child to school with a library bag on Tuesdays. Library bag? What's a library bag? I had never heard of this before. I asked around, and everyone looked at me like I was joking...until they remembered that I'm not from 'round here. In Australia, every child has a library bag. It is so culturally ingrained that no one thought to mention it. It's not in the school list of requirements, even though something equally obvious like "lunchbox" is. Library bags are relatively cheap. They look like slightly undersized pillow cases with drawstring tops. I suppose the idea is to give library books a protective sleeve and a special place. The day after the class meeting, one of the moms brought her son's library bag to me, saying she was sure I wouldn't want to buy one so I could take hers home to measure it and make my own. Darn tootin'! She knows me! First sewing project: library bag!

I already had a collection of small cuts of cute fabrics that I started two years ago, when the sewing bug first struck. I just hadn't had the sewing machine until now. For Ellie, I chose the fabric with pink flowers and ladybugs (of course!). Then, I carried on and made a second library bag for her friend who is having a birthday party this weekend. Ellie wanted to give her a book, so this made the perfect homemade wrapping and a unique, personal gift. I know they are just simple drawstring bags, but I am sooooo happy with how they came out. No pattern, no practice, but no mistakes! Hooray!


azure said...

Why did they wait until the big school meeting to tell you about the invention that is the library bag? I guess I'm just thinking the teacher should have told you sooner once she realized the Ellie did not have the required but not listed library bag? Was she the only one that did not have this? Hmmm.... But at least now you are in the know. Ladybugs are always a good choice!!

Also tell Ms Ellie, Happy Early Birthday from me. 4 really? No you're kidding, right? Seriously 4? Wow.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Right, that's it Jennifer, I'm going to kill myself RIGHT NOW .... You are TOO good.
Gayle :)

the dipe squad said...

Thank you, Azure. I have no idea what the story was there, but I'm letting it go under the "bigger cultural misunderstandings have happened while living abroad" category. I guess it doesn't really bother me much because we are such avid book collectors at home that there's really no shortage. She is going to have one happening library bag now!

Okay, Gayle, I'm going to pretend your comment isn't really disturbing. ........
Nope, I can't pretend. THAT IS VERY DISTURBING and not a little melodramatic. I made two big drawstring bags, girlfriend. Let us hope it is not worth ending your life over that! Sheesh! (would Sophie like one?)

Karly said...

Too cute!! Glad that Ellie has a library bag now :) (Kind of makes me wish I had one...I may have to take up sewing yet, keep up the posts please so that I eventually get the courage to give it a try!)