Thursday, April 02, 2009

He's Got The Funk!

On Monday night, my throat felt a bit sore and scratchy, and I was all prepped to seek out pity points when Markus came home. I didn't feel great, and I was ready to hand over the parenting baton the second he came home from work...except he came home in a far worse state than I was in. For the next two days, Markus stayed home from work SICK. The poor man. When he gets sick enough to stay home, you know it's bad. When he's sick enough to fall back asleep mid-morning with the curtains open and the sun brightly shining, you might want to check his breathing. This is a man who does not nap, who cannot nap, who cannot be paid good money to settle down his busy behind even when he's ill. But those two days at home seem to have helped a lot, and he's back at work, trying to recoup in a sea of meetings and spreadsheets. I seem to have skimmed over the top of the funk, but I've come out exhausted on the other side (of course, that could also be due to the extra loud weekend and the week since of early wake-ups as we readjust to "fall back" on the clocks). Thank goodness it's Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you and Markus were sick. You mentioned 'loud' -- another party weekend for the neighbors?