Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back to the Cuddly Animal Farm

On Tuesday, we drove once more to the Cuddly Animal Farm in Swan Valley. I can't remember a week since our first visit that Ellie has not asked to return. While large (or even semi-large) animals make her incredibly nervous, Ellie adores all tiny creatures. Baby Stephanie love love loves animals, and now that she's more mobile, she got as much enjoyment out of the farm visit as did her big sister. Markus just set the camera in movie mode and took a dozen clips of the girls during our visit, and I pared them down and strung them together for sharing for this week's video post.


Christine said...

that was lovely - great to see the little ones having such a fun time - that little piglet really liked Stephanie's dress didn't it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Jennifer, this is just too sweet for words! I am so sorry I did not comment before. I really watched and listened this time, I heard Baby Stephanie talk! Oh and Ellie is so sweet! And you are so beautiful!! And skinny! And SUCH a GREAT Mom! I love you so much! I miss you so much!

Come home tomorrow! Come home tomorrow!