Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Weekly Video Post

Okay, so the weekly video post hasn't been very weekly of late. Sorry. Often the cuteness happens with no camera in sight, and camera in sight often ends the cuteness. Sigh. Not so yesterday afternoon, when I was able to capture baby Stephanie's new favorite game. Scooting away from Mama is more fun than you can imagine, and it cracked up both girls to no end!

Unfortunately, baby Stephanie had a bit of a wipe-out at the end of the clip there. I think it hurt her feelings more than anything else. Scooting at top speed does have its occupational hazards.


meghan said...

I love the laughter,
I love the gimpy crawl,
I love the pink ballerina dress,
I love the floral dress with a pop of orange,
I love the birdy shoes,
I love the little bit of walking we see,
I even love the lesson of a thud (sorry booshtanay)- it's a hard knock life!

I'm so happy you captured this precious moment on camera - I know how tricky that is! Much love from the 202 area code! Tell markus being funky went out of fashion in the '70s ;-)

Christine said...

Amelia and Matty just loved this! I had to play it 5 times and each time Amelia said," oh poor baby bump her nose, nevermind, let's do it again!"