Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Truism de-bunked

Whomever said "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" obviously didn't find this on the side of the road:

I took an unusual detour on the way to the zoo Monday morning, trying to avoid a messy intersection, and I ended up passing through a neighborhood that was awaiting its quarterly bulk junk pick-up. Although it is in my genes (inherited from my Dad who ran a bonafide foster home for random trash), I have not ever salvaged a roadside piece o' junk...but then again, I had never seen something like this. I wanted it! I circled, came back, pulled over, and kept two zoo-crazed children waiting while I called Markus and plotted how to get this desk back to our house. The varnish was a peeling mess, but the wood was good, the hinges worked, and the metal wasn't rusted. All it needed was serious sanding, re-varnishing, and love. It wanted to come home with me!
I went back again on the way home from the zoo two hours later, and someone had taken it. It was mine, I tell you!
I spent the rest of the day sulking, pining over my lost piece o' junk.
I really wanted that desk.

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Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, I am no expert, but possibly this was just not meant to be. You know I have a single old schoolhouse desk in perfect condition, you may have it whenever you like.

Come and get it. :-)

All my love,