Monday, April 06, 2009

How Ellie views the world

One of Ellie's most favorite activities is taking pictures with the digital camera. We turn off the flash, snugly fit the strap around her wrist, and she's off! Extreme close-ups are her forte, and often the camera finds itself so close to (i.e., touching) its subject that the image is black. She also likes to keep things flowing, so most of her images are blurry as she moves on to the next subject while the camera records the image. There are also many, many photos of her feet, which she snaps as she walks between items of interest. She takes an average of 100+ photos each time she gets hold of the camera.

The first time Ellie took photos was during our city trip to Berlin, and we were amazed at how the images revealed her perspective and interests. What caught her eye? What did she find interesting? Since then, she's used the camera countless times. Most of the time, I delete the images because they are, as I wrote above, blurry or too close and dark or too difficult to discern; however, I finally realized that even these blurry, funny, close-up shots still reveal quite a bit about Ellie's view of the world, what she'd like to record, and what she found interesting in that moment. With that in mind, I have set up a flickr account just for her. I can't keep 100s of Ellie photos on the hard drive, but I will dump them into flickr for your (and her!) perusal. I'll even be adding a flickr badge of her images to the sidebar, so check that out any time you are so inclined. When you have the opportunity to look into Ellie's view, you might be surprised at what you see. Thankfully, I have editor's privilege. I just loaded up the latest batch and was faced with an extreme close-up of my bum, fresh from the shower. Excellent.
And no, that won't be on flickr.


Anonymous said...

What a terrific, fascinating idea! I will now copy you -- Super Mom!


Not-So-Super-Mom (but sincere, none the less :-)

Karly said...

I totally love the idea too!! Thanks for sharing Ellie's view of the world with us :)