Friday, April 24, 2009

Grumpy day, beautiful night

Last Saturday was a grumpy day around here. The weather was not nice (cold, grey, drizzly), and the girls were taking turns whining and complaining and grumping. Baby Stephanie was exhausted but wouldn't give in to a nap. Every time we put her down, she'd be wailing within minutes. By mid-afternoon, Markus gave up and took Ellie to the beach, hoping the extra peace in the house would allow Stephanie to rest. Less than an hour after that, my neck was two inches shorter (stress of baby wailing!) and we followed.

The grey day had given way to a lovely evening. The water was oh-so-inviting, and Markus suggested a swim might do me a world of good. You know about my ocean fears, but I was so wrecked at that point that I was willing to put them aside. Oh...he was so right! The release of floating free in the gorgeous ocean did me more good than anything. Of course, it was an extra bonus that I wasn't eaten. I might have stayed in there for ages if I hadn't heard baby Stephanie resume her wailing. It was time to go!

The sun was low in the sky as we left the parking lot, and I was sorry to miss the sunset. Little did I expect the sky to be even prettier as we drove away from the shore. The sun had lit up what remained of the storm clouds, and the array of colors was brilliant! Bad day gone! Beautiful night remained!

Oh, and baby Stephanie did finally stop wailing. She caved, ate like a horse, and passed out cold for the whole night. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures, but kind of a sad blog to me. Why was baby Stephanie wailing? Does she miss her Mimi? :-)

the dipe squad said...

Don't worry, Mimi. I know the thought of wailing it too much for your sensitive soul to bear, but she is a-ok! She just didn't want to sleep! She only wailed while in the crib/jail. The wailing on the beach was exhaustion after a day of not napping. Maybe it's a tooth? About to run off? Who knows? These things are always more obvious in retrospect. She's almost always happy happy happy, so it was noticeable that day...and it didn't return the next day. No worries!

Meghan said...

Geez - Yesterday was 85 degrees, today is supposed to be 90, pollen count is 100 bazillion and the humidity is quickly rising... Looks like you got the better end of the deal! Dolphins, beautiful sunsets, fantastic family - what could be better?!!? I get tired and wail on occassion too - luckily Eric is very patient with me and tells me to take a nap. He doesn't have to try very hard, I'm at the age where I understand the value of a nap ;-) I just looked at you flicker photos and I love them all! Ms. Booshtanay has a real creative side when it comes to eating. She also looks more and more like mama everyday! That picture of her slying smiling while holding onto Markus' back is priceless! Ellie is a gorgeous princess - you two are going to have a lot of work on your hands when they start dating! I've really got to start planning my trip to Australia soon!

the dipe squad said...

Yes, you must! Come at this time of year! March-April is amazing! A few cold nights have reminded us that we are in for a miserable wintertime (colder inside the house than out, which is NOT FUN), but this transition weather is wonderful!

You should have seen baby Stephanie's creative yogurt finger painting the other day. It was all over her face, the table, the can never knew when creative genius will strike. At least yogurt doesn't stain. :)