Saturday, March 28, 2009

Colorful circles

Almost a year ago, I discovered a portrait artist through a design blog I enjoy. Markus and I had been debating a family portrait, so this one really struck me. We have so many photos up in our house (some might say too many), but a painted portrait would really be something different and special. At the time, we couldn't find a style we liked (most were way too stuffy and formal and blah), so we had moved on from the idea...until I found this artist. Her name is Kristine Baerlin, and she works in New York City, painting portraits in a pop art style she's developed over the years. Her technique and use of color seemed to me perfect for capturing children, so just after the new year, I commissioned baby portraits of the girls. Kristine was awesome about communicating across the distance, working out a color palette with me over email based on photos I'd sent her and info I'd supplied about our home, color preferences, etc. The final product arrived last week, and we are so happy! After debating the best spot for them, we ultimately hung them in Ellie's room (a room we hope the girls will eventually share), and we are all excited to see them every day!

I will try to get a better shot of the individual paintings, but this room shot will have to do for now. When I photograph just one, the colors get distorted, and the blues become particularly electric (and not in a good way). Dear friends and family, we'll be proud to show them if you'd like to come visit...

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