Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's cookin'

This weekend, Ellie and I attended two birthday parties for her classmates, one on each day. Baby Stephanie was not invited, and she just couldn't understand why. Both times we left, she was very distressed and cried quite a bit at the injustice of it all. By party number two, I felt terrible and offered to make it up to her by baking a cake that afternoon and hosting a birthday party for her and Ellie's babies, Zuzu, Heidi, and Lolo. This was received with great rejoicing, and peace was restored to the universe. Markus caught this little video of us baking the cake together with The Precious:

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Mimi said...

As usual, anything to do with the girls is absolutely precious! I will watch this over and over again! Thank you Markus for capturing all their voices (all my girls) and Jennifer, those chefs hats are so cute! You need to make one more, for Baby Stephanie! Never mind, knowing you, you already did.