Tuesday, July 06, 2010

That girl

Tuesday dawned an exciting day for Ellie. She could hardly wait to get to her music workshop! She has been talking about it ever since they mentioned it at school, and the day had finally arrived! The wait until 9am seemed so long! "Today, I'm going to music!" over and over and over. With equal excitement, Stephanie gushed about her anticipated delight: "Today, I get facepaint!" Um...what? Hunh? Did I miss something? So, I asked her about it. You're getting your face painted, Stephanie? "YES!!" Oooo, she was excited. I have no idea where the idea started, but it was as fixed as it could be. I had to think fast. After a guess that didn't pan out (only available on weekends), I headed to the party store and bought face paint to don at home. When I asked her what she wanted, she pointed to the paint and said, "That!" Yes, but what would you like me to paint? A lion? A butterfly? A princess? What? "Yes." Um...Stephanie? "I get face paint!" Fair enough. Swirls of paint in every color it is!

She was so proud! So happy! She wanted to show everyone. We went grocery shopping afterwards, and she made sure to tell anyone who paused close to our cart that she had face paint. We even had to go visit Annie at The Dancing Goat cafe to show her...and have a babycino and marshmallow, of course.

Don't you know who else needed face paint when she got home?

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