Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creative solution

As Stephanie's interest in books has increased, her interest in napping has decreased. For the past four days, naptime has been hit and miss (and more miss than hit). On Saturday (her usual catch-up day), she was so quiet that Markus was sure she was asleep until he heard her reading to herself every time he checked in for over 90 minutes! Before you go suggesting she is outgrowing naptime, I assure you that she is not. She is tired! She needs the naps even more than I need her to take a nap, which is saying a lot. She just recognizes that there are lots of interesting alternatives to napping, books being the big keeper. Yesterday, I pulled the plug on that game and removed all but the one chosen storybook from her room. She napped! Hooray!

Today, she was up around 5 am (sigh), so she was really exhausted by mid-morning (10:30am). Most unfortunately, I had an appointment to view a potential house at 11:45. Such is life. I kept her going and she was a trooper...but we missed the window. By the time we got home, she had a second wind of sorts and she didn't want to rest. After reading to her and tucking her in, I went to the front of the house and worked quietly as to provide total naptime silence. Until I heard her cabinets open and close. In the absence of her books, she tried on shoes. All the outgrown Ellie shoes we have stored in the bottom of her closet provided a creative alternative to reading (or napping)...until she passed out on the floor.

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Mimi said...

Oh my gosh, this reminds me so much of when Ellie started playing in her room during naptime and you would find her in various places when she finally konked out, such as the on rug, the changing table, etc. TOOOOO cute!