Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MC Eleanor

Once per term, Ellie's class hosts corroboree at her school. Corroboree, if you don't remember from previous posts, is a school-wide show-and-tell, intended to be an opportunity to show and share work and achievements. A lot of the younger kids use it as a typical show-and-tell, bringing whatever they are allowed from home to show to the masses. Parents are invited only when their child's class is hosting. The hosting class often presents a skit, song or poem. This past Friday, it was Ellie's class hosting, and Ellie was one of the two MCs for the big event.

When Lydia (her teacher) asked her if she'd like the opportunity, she was very surprised to receive a firm negative in response. Ellie was so afraid of making a mistake that she didn't want to do it. After much assurance from Lydia and myself that there were no mistakes to make and Lydia would help her with her role, she embraced it with enthusiasm. On the day, she wasn't nervous at all! She even got up and joined in the show-and-tell portion (notice the thumbs-up from her friend).

I was so proud of her...and she was clearly proud of herself!

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