Thursday, July 15, 2010

Over on the other blog...

Hi there, people I know!
Today, I published a post on my other blog about printmaking with Ellie today. I don't use her name (I did start that one for the girls' privacy after all), but the project went so well that I wanted to share it with the larger blogging community. I could duplicate it here, but that seems unnecessarily redundant. My other blog is heldin im chaos, and you are welcome to take a look any time!


azure said...

Howdy... I think I'm slowly starting to get back into blogging mood myself. Slowly.. I'll update you if I do anything consistent. Anyway, two quick things...One if you want people to read your other blog, you should be shameless and post it on Facebook. Although I'm not necessarily a fan of this tactic, it's an easy way for me to even know that they are even blogging. Second, any chance that you post an update regarding your dad's house and the oil spill... Hopefully it's a very short post?

Hope you are well take care, Azure

the dipe squad said...

Hi Azure, nice to hear from you! No post on the house because I have no word on the house. I will share if I learn anything. As for a facebook link, I've considered it, but for now, I'm not really trying to build my readership per se. You've probably seen how I hardly use facebook. Their public distribution of information on their account holders really disturbs me, and their privacy settings are still too overcomplicated to make me comfortable using it much. It's a shame since most people I know use it and not blogs, but I am just not a happy facebooker.