Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Face painting

A few weeks ago, Stephanie decided she needed to have her face painted. That day, I bought the basics: white, red, yellow and blue. We've been doing a lot of mixing, but the actual paint isn't varied much. The most requested do is a butterfly. Last week, Stephanie spotted some tiny vials of even tinier "fairy sparkles" (Aussies seem to be fairy obsessed!). These sparkles will stick to slightly moistened skin. They are probably intended for teenagers on their way out for the night, but Stephanie had to have them for the face paint repertoire. Sparkles have added a whole new dimension, and face paint requests are numerous!

Somehow, it still surprised (and touched) me this morning to find this image in Ellie's coloring book:

Ellie is working on fine motor control at school as part of writing. She often colors in by making lines with a pen. Most of her coloring book is filled in this way, but this is the first image to get butterfly face paint.

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