Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Dentist visit

After more months than I care to admit, we have finally been to the dentist for a check-up, all four of us. Ellie was geared up and ready to hate it. She was stressed and tense and waiting for the right moment to have a total meltdown. We could see it brewing, so we sent her in with Markus so she could watch his check-up and cleaning. Then, we decided it was Stephanie's turn. It was Stephanie's very first visit to the dentist, so I sat in the chair and she laid across my lap and put her head in the dentist's lap for her check-up. She wasn't sure about it, but she didn't fuss and all was fine. Then, it was Ellie's turn. Don't you know there was a clear look on her face that said, "Dammit, now I can't have a fit because Stephanie did just fine!" She reluctantly climbed into the chair and even more reluctantly cooperated for a check-up.

I have to give at least part of the credit to our new dentist, Sally, who is young (younger than me, which made me feel pretty old) and super-cute (check her out on the left of Ellie's photo). She was completely non-threatening, and the girls were charmed by her. We'll attempt the cleaning next time.


Anonymous said...

OMG your dentist is gorgeous! You are so wise to let the girls see what is happening and what is expected at the dentist before they actually have any treatments! You are SUCH great parents!

By the way, the pictures of Ellie CRACK MEUP!!!


the dipe squad said...

I'm so glad I had the camera in my bag that day. ;)