Thursday, March 04, 2010

Assembled quilt top

Last Monday, there was a break in the quilt class due to Australian Labour Day. Thank goodness is all I say! I have been a headless chicken ever since I started that class. Mucking up our evening routine on Monday nights (always the most challenging night of the week anyway) has done me in completely. The timing takes me past my window of tired, so I end up staying up way too late and the whole week is thrown off.
I am happy to be learning what we are learning. It is what I wanted from the class, and I'm happy to have Markus's support in doing it, despite the crazy. And last night, I finished my homework from two weeks ago: I finally assembled my quilt top (pre-border, which I still need to choose and buy).

This quilt will be slightly smaller than a twin-size bed, so it's more of a lap quilt. This will not be the quilt for Ellie's birthday, which allows me to learn with impunity. I don't fret about imperfections. I don't fret about fabric choice. It's very freeing, actually, and ya know what? It's quite pretty. When I finished my work on it last night, I held it up for Markus to see. His reaction? "Wow!" He really likes it.
Bless him, I think he was surprised.

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Karly said...

Looks fantastic! I hope you will show us the finished product when the time comes :)