Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Art time inspired by Collage Collage

Recently, sharilyn of lovelydesign wrote on her blog about a wonderful shop in Vancouver called Collage Collage. I wish we had a shop like that here! I want to open one myself! I felt mightily inspired looking at pictures of the place, so I decided to replicate it on a small scale at home. I have soooooo many art supplies that I've collected over the years from necessity (buying my own stuff when I was a teacher) and personal obsession (I really love new supplies). Markus will vouch for the fact that I never throw anything away, so (much to his chagrin) we have stuff coming out of our ears. The really shameful conclusion was that I didn't even know what I had. The Great Mushroom Room Reintegration started me digging through it all, and Collage Collage showed me what to do with it. So far, I've used all the pretty glass jam jars I've been saving, but I think I will need to add larger jars to my collection to finish up.

This afternoon, I set up the kitchen table for an art project while Ellie was at school. I spread out a cheap plastic tablecloth and selected some cardstock, glue and two jam jars of goodness. The girls were thrilled! Although we got home relatively late (and cranky) due to a long (fun) playdate, their faces lit up when they saw the table and they got right to work.

Markus and I were so stunned by Stephanie's precise, careful painting of the glue that I had to make a movie of it. I made sure to include Ellie's work in the end too.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, she is a "leftie" just like her Mama! And this entire video is so sweet, the Stephanie's little "thank you", Markus patiently holding the glue or paint, Ellie working away on her Christmas tree, it is all very VERY dear! Thank you so much for these wonderful video clips, they are a little bit of Heaven on earth for me!