Thursday, March 18, 2010

Actual crime in the bubble

We often refer to our life in Perth's western suburbs as bubble living, because really, it is such an isolated, protected little bubble. Personally, I love the fact that we are raising our two young children in a place where the biggest woes include parking challenges and objectionably bulbous fences. But today we have actual crime to deal with, and I tell ya, I'm not used to it anymore!

There is a criminal at large in the western suburbs. I found this out the hard way (since I don't do TV or radio) on my drive from Ellie's school to Stephanie's playgroup. We went through Swanbourne, or at least meant to go through but couldn't because of roadblocks. Stuck in traffic near a good cafe meant I stopped and let Stephanie run around for a while. That's where I learned that a dangerous (and presumed armed, though that wasn't certain) carjacker that led police on an almost day-long car chase yesterday (in three different hijacked vehicles, as he crashed or was blocked in various spots) escaped from the hospital where he was being treated for injuries. Those injuries can't be too severe, because he's had the police after him all day. I heard helicopters as of 7am and wondered what that was all about. Now I know. He was in Swanbourne for a while, so they completely closed that area down. Now, he's apparently moved along somehow because I've had notice from Ellie's school in Mosman Park (two towns over) that they have locked down the school. I can still hear helicopters, and it's 1pm. I have no idea where he is, and apparently the police aren't doing much better. Apparently, there are over 100 police officers on his trail. Either this guy is very smart or the police are really inept (sorry guys, but the thought is there; you just aren't used to this sort of thing). Whatever the situation, I really hope they catch him soon. I'm supposed to pick Ellie up from school in a little while, and I'd love to be able to do so. He is welcome to take my car if it came to that, but the idea of him trying to do so with one or both of the girls in the makes my blood run cold. I'd rather him be behind bars, thank you very much.

45 minutes later, a new text from Ellie's school saying "lockdown is over, offender apprehended". Way to go, boys in blue! An earlier news report said that the man was not restrained or handcuffed at the hospital when he made his escape. I'm betting that's a mistake they won't be making twice.

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Karly said...

Wow! Sooo sooo glad that the criminal was apprehended. I know that had to be scary. I'm just glad to know that you, the girls, and Markus are all safe!