Thursday, November 05, 2009

Life Down Under

Yesterday was atypically humid. The air was thick and hot and still. The stillness was almost more strange than the humidity, because we are so rarely without wind or at least a breeze. When I picked up Ellie from school, the sea was so calm that it was almost flat, an observation that I found unnerving. I know this location isn't prone to extreme weather, but habit told me a huge storm or possibly a hurricane must be coming, because the water and the air just weren't right. Thankfully, nothing of that sort has come to pass, though it's still windless and humid. Very odd.
Even more odd is the arrival of Christmas catalogs in the mailbox and Christmas decorations in the stores.
Hot, humid, summer around the corner...and it's Christmas time.
I may never get used to this aspect of Southern Hemisphere living.

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