Friday, November 06, 2009

Daily Dose of Amazing

If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, getting your Daily Dose of Amazing is pretty darn easy. As if the phone and all its gizmos weren't cool enough, now there is a new App that art lovers should download immediately...and I mean now. It's called "Yours, Vincent", and it's the iPhone App created for the recent release of all of Van Gogh's letters (mostly to his brother Theo) and sketches, freshly translated and compiled into a 2,500 word, 6 volume artist autobiography. To celebrate the release, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam will have a special exhibit of their entire permanent collection, as well as over 100 letters on display. I read about the book, website ( and app in the latest issue of The Economist. The App is awesome. I downloaded it today, and once again was floored by the capabilities of the iPhone. Video clips, images of the letters, sketches, translations and readings of the artist's's a serious stunner.
Enjoy the latest Daily Dose of Amazing. I hope to find something new and wonderful to share every week. This App will definitely keep me busy until then. Beautiful!

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