Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And so it goes...

Two weeks ago, Markus's office was visited by colleagues from India. One of the visitors was unwell. Last Monday, Markus started feeling under the weather, and by Tuesday morning, he was out of the running. He called in sick for two days, and on the second day when he called in, his boss was out sick too...as were several of his colleagues.
Thank you, colleague from India.
Yesterday, Ellie became teary at odd moments and then was up half the night with the sniffles. She was too under the weather to go to school today. Looks like whatever it is has a one week incubation period.
Again I say, thank you, Indian colleague.

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Anonymous said...

You have my sympathies .... Sophie went back to school for the fisrt time in a week this morning. The numerous and varied bugs going round these days are tenacious!
Gayle x