Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fighting dirty

There are two days left before my flight. I am very excited about seeing my family, and I am trying not to think about leaving the girls. Each morning this week, baby Stephanie has been extra snuggly when she wakes up. When I lift her out of the crib, she doesn't immediately run after Ellie like usual; instead, she pops the schnully back in and snuggles with me in the rocking chair. This morning, she tucked her head under my chin and lay in complete surrender, belly to belly like when she was a newborn, and she stayed like that for almost five minutes. The thought of not having that for TWELVE DAYS nearly broke my heart. We haven't told her I'm going, but already she's fighting dirty.

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Christine said...

(((((Jennifer)))))) it's so hard being away from family isn't it... You're always missing someone.
You'll have a great time with family I'm sure, but it will be hard being away... Could you take a small toy that belongs to each of your girls with you? Then you can cuddle them if you're missing them - you can also take photos of them where you are to send back for the girls. Even better if you can iChat/skype with them - we do that as often as possible when chris is away.
Just enjoy getting as many hugs as you can now!