Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fresh space, fresh start

Yesterday afternoon, I moved a little table and chair into the kitchen to give the girls a designated art spot. Although I set it up as a desk (the table was a very cheap coffee table we've had for ages), it has been sitting in the playroom unused for weeks. The corner where they fit was poorly lit and out of sight of everyone. Now, they are in a spot brightly lit by sunlight during the day in a space we all use all the time. I refreshed the contents of the art box, added a stationery drawer system to hold construction paper, white printer paper, some stencils...and both girls are over the moon. They literally fought over who could use the chair first yesterday, and they used the supplies in their own ways until dinnertime. Ellie was back in place first thing this morning, happily creating. Stephanie gravitated there right after she finished lunch. I love it when we find what works!

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