Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fun with Qantas

I am less than 24 hours away from my flight now, so I just attempted to do online check-in...which did not work. The fun with Qantas begins. After waiting on hold for over 20 minutes (charged by the minute), I reached a (surprisingly friendly) woman who informed me that somehow my ticket processed without my title (Mrs.), so it's in their computer is "Jennifer Select [last name]". I don't put my last name on the blog, but they did have that right. The problem, as you can see, was the "Select" part. Not in my name. Doesn't match my passport. Will prevent me from boarding. No worries, she says, you just need a ticket reissue...with a processing fee of $80. I could risk it and not reissue the ticket, but then Qantas has no obligation to compensate me if I am denied boarding or entry to the US for a ticket name that does not match. Since I booked online, it's my responsibility. I pointed out that it's their online form that caused the problem, but she dismissed that as nonsense. So...$80 poorer, I am waiting to receive my reissued ticket. LESS THAN 24 HOURS FROM MY FLIGHT. Am not amused.


azure said...

Yeah, I can relate... I just had to book airline tickets recently... after I had entered ALL of my credit card information as well as my frequent flier number (Which didn't work), the airline could not explain to me why my ticket was $60.00 more expensive than it was during the five minutes it took me to put in my information. ARUGH!!!! Yes you may be $80.00 poorer, but I have a feeling that celebrating with your grandpa will ease the this very annoying sting on your wallet. :-)

If that's the most eventful part of your travel, consider yourself lucky.

Karly said...

Ugh, that is frustrating for me, and I'm just reading about it!! I hope the rest of your travel goes smoothly and that you have a fantastic, wonderful time with your family!