Sunday, September 04, 2011

Spring day

What's not to love about a relaxing weekend, especially one with beautiful sunshine following a night's hard rain? This morning, we left the house for a walk on the beach, packed with raincoats and galoshes. Drizzle fell from the grey sky...until we pulled up near the shore. You can see the clouds moving on in the first picture (taken with my phone, since I'd expected it to be too wet for my camera).

The storm last night churned up a swarm of "blue-ies", the super-nasty bluebottle jellyfish not typically found around here. Most of the blue-ies we spotted were tiny (and man, were they everywhere!), but some, like the one below, were quite big with their 2+ meter tentacles still attached and strung along the sand (shiver at the thought of touching one in the water...).

We had a blast, walking and discovering, and of course, tossing small children who just need tossing...

What a beautiful place!

Life at home is pretty good too. Especially if you are pint-sized, enjoy nudity, and fit inside buckets of water in the garden...

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