Sunday, September 25, 2011

Illness update

After four days of antibiotics, I can happily report that Ellie is back to herself and happy as a clam! Just in time for Stephanie to succumb...alas. Poor thing is tired, listless, and feverish with a bad cough. Very familiar. We'll watch it for a few days and see if she kicks it or if we'll head back to the doctor for antibiotics again. At least we know what to expect this time, and we can appreciate that it is short-lived and not nearly so awful as these viruses can be.

Stephanie's sleep has been much more disturbed by this than Ellie's was. We've gone through night #4 of broken sleep (fretful and clingy for a couple of hours in the middle of the night). She and I were up a good portion of the night last night, unable to overcome her cough for hours. I spent at least 2 hours with her coughing directly in my face, so we'll see if I'm next!

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