Thursday, September 01, 2011

It begins...

Last night, the girls were starting their dinners as I finished up in the kitchen, when Ellie looked up with an excited grin and announced:

"Mama, I kissed Zephyr on the lips today!" (Zephyr is a gorgeous little boy in her class)

Not wanting to overreact (or laugh), I said something intelligent and probing, like, "Oh, yes?"

"Yes! Well, he doesn't really like for me to kiss him in the classroom, so we just mostly kiss in the bathrooms now."
Big grin of triumph.
You go, girl (Ellie has always been ahead of the curve developmentally. Tee-hee).

This afternoon, I retold the story to Zephyr's mom, and she looked a little embarrassed but not surprised: "Yes, well, he's done this before. He picks a nice, sweet girl and likes to kiss her. He is a bit of Romeo, I'm afraid. And he is rather fond of Eleanor."

Well then. As long as he's fond of her, it's all good. I can't have her kissing boys who don't care, now can I?

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