Thursday, September 22, 2011

And the doctor says...

Ellie got worse over the course of the day today. Not terrible or scary, but noticeably worse. I called the doctor and she had an early afternoon slot available, so we took it. The good news is Ellie's chest is clear, so no worries of bronchitis or pneumonia. No wheeze means no mild asthma. The verdict is a secondary bacteria infection in the wake of a viral infection that seems to be going around. She prescribed antibiotics, which Ellie started tonight at dinnertime. She's exhausted from days of being exhausted, but she went right to sleep without coughing (hello, vaporizer!) so we'll hope she'll have a good night.

Stephanie has been having a terrible time with all of this. First, Ellie had three birthday celebrations and loads of presents (way more than we usually do). Now, Ellie has stayed home three days this week while Stephanie had to go to school. It's all one big heap of not fair. She has been having tantrums to beat the band! It's very unlike her. We know why it's happening. We understand and agree that, from a 3 year old's perspective, it is certainly not fair. But. It has been trying nonetheless.

Markus arranged a while ago to have the day off tomorrow so he and I could have a little pre-birthday date, just the two of us while the girls were in school. Ha ha. Oh well. Such is life. At least we'll have a nice three day weekend together, even if our date plans for Friday are now a bit moot.

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