Saturday, September 17, 2011

Snacktime proclamation

The following dialogue began this afternoon when Ellie looked up from her afternoon tea of hot scones...

Ellie: I’m not going to marry Zephyr.

me: Why not?

Ellie: At corroboree, he pulls my hair. When I work, he distracts me. When we’re on the playground, he chases me. I tell him all the time “Stop! I don’t like that!” but he keeps doing it and he’s a naughty boy and I don’t like naughty.

me: I’m not sure he’s naughty. Sometimes boys do those things to get girls’ attention.

Ellie: Well, he doesn’t need attention. He’s a little bit annoying.

**For the record, she also proofread this post before I was allowed to share. It has been given her approval for accuracy in reporting.

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