Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This really sucks

...but that's what new vacuum cleaners are supposed to do.
I bought a new Dyson vacuum this morning. Moving as often as we do can mean buying new appliances with alarming (and expense-topping) regularity, so I cling to what works until it doesn't work anymore. Our vacuum from Carrefour in Qatar has been pleading for retirement for a long while now, and I've ignored it. No more! My floors were oh-so-gross, and I didn't know the half of it until I dumped most of it out of the new filter. Ick.
And then, ahhhhh, the glorious feeling of newly cleaned floors.
I feel like the stereotypical 50s housewife, oo-ing and aah-ing over a new appliance, only minus the apron, pearls and heels.


Anonymous said...

How do you like the Dyson? I am thinking of getting one myself. Let me know.


Karly said...

Another really cool thing to clean your floors is a steam mop...my parents bought one, and I've used it at my house...I am a complete convert. For hardwood floors, tile, etc...almost any hard surface (not if the floors are sealed or waxed I think) they are great. I go over with the vaccuum first, then steam mop. No chemicals, and it sanitizes. They are fantastic! My parents have a Monster, but checking out reviews on Amazon, I think I am going to get a Eureka Envirostar...just thought I'd pass it along!

Anonymous said...

I've heard about those...fancy! I've also heard about the vacuum that uses water (?) I think it's by Shark. I'm not ashamed to talk about appliances...it's part of most mother's lives..hey, I just read the previous comment...now I really have to get one of those.

Karly said...


Another vaccuum that uses water is the Rainbow. The dirt is trapped in the water & you throw it out! I have one...they have both a carpet attachment & an attachment to use on hard floors. I love it! Just thought I'd pass it along :-)