Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

Two years ago today, our family grew by two (perfect little) feet.

She was born at home in our living room, and Ellie woke up the next morning to find a new baby sister snuggled in bed with Mama.

She approved (thankfully, she still does).
Happy Birthday, Baby Stephanie! We all love you so much!


Karly said...

Stephanie, I cannot believe you are already 2 years old!!! I hope it was a wonderful day for you (and the entire family)!

Much love to you!

Lavender Hearts said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! 2 years ... amazing! Love to you all on this special day.
Gayle x

azure said...

Happy Birthday,Stephanie.

I was actually thinking about that yesterday ironically enough because it's a full moon, I was thinking at least it's not a leap year... Has it really been over two since years since I last you? Wow....

quinn said...

you sure do have some cute kids. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Stephanie! It doesn't seem like two years have passed - you are a big girl now (just like me :-)