Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Get more sleep!

They say writing down something makes it easier to remember. It's not like I don't know this already, but sheesh, I need to get more sleep! Recently, Markus and I have been really good about going to bed much earlier than we used to, and it has been making a huge difference. I don't think I realized exactly how big a difference until last night when I kept him up obsessing about issues in the house (another blog post entirely) until well past our old (too late) bedtime--over an hour and a half later than the recent, more sensible bedtime. And guess what? Today, I am a zombie. Whereas the other days this week felt effortlessly productive, today I can barely rub two thoughts together. Today, productive is for radical, can-do people, not worn out old zombies like me. Yikes.
Must get more sleep.

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Karly said...

You know, I need to get more sleep too...perhaps I'll be inspired by seeing that it's had a positive benefits for you! Even though I don't usually feel like a zombie, I bet I'd notice a huge difference if I implemented an earlier bedtime consistently.