Saturday, October 31, 2009

Postcard, anyone?

We wrote a number of postcards during our trip to Bali, but as far as we know, no one has received one yet. The hotel offered to mail them for us, so I wrote to ask if somehow the postcards were still there. This is the reply I received today:

Greeting from Alam Sari Keliki.

Hi, how are you? hope everything is fine. We already posted all of your postcards and letters, please be patience.

Thank you.

I can be patience, but can I also be notified if anyone receives one of our postcards? We are curious about the mailing time. Always different from place to place! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Now this is just sad, but I do not think I received a postcard, but I am not totally 100% sure either! Usually I keep all your correspondences and save them forever, but I am in the midst of a freaking out cleaning session before out of town guests arrive for the holidays, and I may or may not have put a bit of UNREAD mail (gasp!) in the shredder! Yikes!

SORRY! If it got shredded or it got lost on it's way here, sorry either way! (hope I didn't shred a million dollar check from Publisher's Clearinghouse!)


schlelly said...

I can confirm I have not yet received a postcard from Bali. Not from you or anyone else for that matter. I'm really disappointed in all Balinese people for not sending me a postcard sooner. I look forward to receiving a card from you, I will be patience in the mean time.

the dipe squad said...

Mom, why are you shredding unopened mail?! What is the thinking there?

schlelly, I will contact Alam Sari again and ask why the locals aren't sending you postcards. They must have an answer for you. I did write you a postcard, but this is week 3 since our return, so I'm starting to think it might not arrive. Wonder where it has gone...

schlelly said...

Maybe they were all delivered to Mimi and shredded... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I received the post card today, 28 November 09. It is a beautiful card with a beautiful stamp. I cannot read the postage cancellation date (if there is one). Even though it is very late by our U.S. standards, it was worth waiting for.