Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ellie's first class photo

I think elementary class pictures are very special (and often hysterical), and this is Ellie's very first one.


schlelly said...

Fabulous! My coworker told me her children don't take these photos anymore at the school they go to. Apparently they just take all of the individual photos and put them on a page to pass out. How sad! Class photos are the best and I completely agree - They can be hilarious!! It's so sad to think we may loose such a treasured memory of our classrooms and the interaction that takes place in those photos.

Anonymous said...

Love love love love LOVE this! What a treasure! Keep it for EVER!!


azure said...

Jennifer, here's a quick tip. In case you haven't already done it be sure to write down the names of her classmates on the back of the picture, or document it somewhere. That's the one thing that my mom wishes that she had done with my class pictures. Aww.. So cute... I can't believe she already has a class picture!