Saturday, October 31, 2009

No 'poo update: The verdict

I debated about including my reasoning in my last update post, because I knew as I did so that I'd already made my decision: 'poo free is not for me! The first two of my three reasons for the experiment don't actually apply since I already choose my shampoo with those considerations in mind. The brand I use produces 100% recyclable packaging, and the product itself doesn't contain SLS or SLFS. That leaves the curiosity reason, and that one is now satisfied too. Although at no point did my hair feel unclean or smelly, it also never felt nice. I didn't like touching it, and neither did Markus. I dreaded washing it, because I felt like that process was a real bother without any satisfying results. I knew the gig was up for good when Ellie asked four days in a row why my hair looked so crazy. I couldn't wait to wash my hair again, and Markus pointed out I didn't have to. Since I did this experiment for me, there was no reason to continue once I'd made my decision. Good point! Last Sunday, I shampooed and conditioned my hair, and it felt so good!

I am happy I tried the experiment. It was interesting, and now I do know about the alternative. I think it might work great for people with shorter hair or thinner hair, as well as for people who use cheap shampoo with nasty ingredients. The day I attempted to wash out the olive oil and hated the detergent feel of the shampoo, I used cheap travel shampoo we had in the bathroom because my nicer shampoo had run out. That cheap shampoo really did feel awful on my hair, and it would have been worth the baking soda/apple cider vinegar alternative. In the end, it comes down to making choices. You have to do what works for you. For me, the expensive shampoo is worth the price...but it's nice to know that for certain since I've given the opposite a try too.


azure said...

Jennifer, I'm glad that you at least had the gusto to give this a try. Even though this regimen is not for you, the willingness to try something new is absolutely honorable. Good Job.

Take care.

Karly said...

I'm proud of you for trying it!! I think it's very cool that you did. Out of curiosity, what brand of shampoo do you use? I am in the market for the SLS free stuff. If you don't want to post it here, will you email me and let me know? Thanks! I am very interested in trying the facial wash regimen you posted. As soon as I can get some castor oil, I'm giving it a go!

Anonymous said...

What Azure said is so kind and thoughtful. My message is more abrupt, but more me. Welcome back to the land of lovely fragranced shampoo!


schlelly said...

'nuff said!

the dipe squad said...

Thanks, Azure! And thanks for sharing your own hair story with me. You had an extra motivation that I didn't, so I'm really happy it worked out for you! I personally am really happy to be using shampoo again.

Karly, I owe you way more communication than just an email! Must work out a calling time! Meanwhile, to answer your question, I use Aveda. I started sucking up the pricetag when my dad was sick, and we even use it on the girls. I know that seems really extravagant, but it's one of the few "safe" shampoos that can be found in each country we've lived in during the past 4 years. When I get my hair highlighted, I go to an Aveda salon for the same reasons.

Mimi, I know you were disturbed by the no 'poo thing, so rest easy!

schlelly, it's the raspberry for you, my friend.