Monday, October 26, 2009

Chef's assistant

This morning, Ellie and I cooked up some "Perfect Buttermilk Pancakes" from The Rustic Table. Ellie's interest in cooking waxes and wanes, but this weekend she got into it full swing. We made cheese straws for snack yesterday, and she wanted to make them again for breakfast. I managed to talk her into the pancakes instead. They're perfect for our days. They are yummy on-the-go (Stephanie often eats breakfast in her car seat), and Ellie loves them in her lunchbox for morning tea at school. As for the name of the recipe, it's entirely possible Constance Snow (cookbook author) is right about them. They are so delicious (especially when you sneak in a mashed banana when your 4-year-old isn't watching)!


Anonymous said...

How precious does she look in that apron!!!! I LOVE it! Thanks for such a great picture of Ellie!

schlelly said...

She'll wish she didn't wane as much later in life. There is such value in the time people spend together preparing food. By the way, I tried to make your sweet potato biscuits a few weeks ago and I took the emphasis on the capitalized word too literally: “tacky, but NOT dry”. My dish really became “tough on the outside mashed sweet potatoes” instead of “biscuits”. Despite my miserable cooking skills, I loved thinking of you and our breakfast with your dad and grandma on the bayou.