Saturday, October 10, 2009


All week this week, I've been feeling the itch. It's time to go, time to move, time to get out and do something different! Although I never thought I would be able to make a true statement like this, I feel so amazed and blessed to realize that thinking back, I can't remember the last time we stayed in one country for an entire year. I'm not just talking about moving (thank goodness!); we usually travel internationally at least once a year. When Markus and I started our relationship, we lived in different countries (US and UK), and a tradition was born. When I'd visit him, we'd travel on the continent. When we moved to the US, we still made various journeys: Germany to visit family, Costa Rica, Belize, Vancouver... Due to extreme circumstances, our time in Qatar was full of travel: US, Germany, Sicily, Dubai, Seychelles... Then, living in Holland, everything was so close that it was almost silly not to hop borders. Along with multiple trips by plane or train to various spots, we drove a couple of hours to Antwerp for the day at least once every 6 weeks (they praise Belgian chocolate/beer/waffles for a reason, people!). Ellie's passport was nearly full by age 3. It's stunning.

Since we've moved to Australia, it's been a different ball game. Frankly, we've needed (and greatly appreciated!) the time to deprogram from the past four years of crazy. We wanted stability. We wanted to stay put, so stay put we have done. Now, it's time to get out and about, if only for a week. Soon, we will start our journey to visit yet another place I never thought I'd be so lucky to see. I cannot wait!

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quinn said...

itchy... are you sure it's not just the "no 'poo" hair? :-)