Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This afternoon, Ellie requested we bake cookies together. She chose peanut butter cookies, and after the first batch was in the oven, we remembered to add chocolate chips to the rest of the dough. As soon as the first batch was cool enough, baby Stephanie happily wandered around the backyard munching on a cookie, but Ellie was determined to wait for one with chocolate chips. Or so she said.
When the girls wandered outside, I went into the laundry room to transfer a load of clothes to the dryer. I looked out the window just as Ellie coaxed the cookie out of baby Stephanie's little fist and took a huge bite. "Ellie! I saw that!" PITUEY! She spat that bite out before starting to chew and began looking around wildly to see where I was while trying to stuff the stolen bite and the remaining cookie back into a bewildered Stephanie's hands.
I wish I had caught that on camera!

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Karly said...

Too funny :). I would have loved to see the look on Ellie's face as she was looking around for her all knowing mama! Reminds me of the time Sam told my mom that he wanted to get Aunt Liz a cupcake (he'd already had one). Mom thought, how sweet & handed one over. Sam promptly started licking the icing :).

Now you have me craving peanut butter cookies...oh, and sometime try swirling Nutella in with the cookie dough before baking, it's awesome in a peanut butter cookie. Ok, off to make treats for after dinner and after pool now... ;)