Thursday, June 25, 2009

A purchase to celebrate!

The deal has been finalized and a move-in date arranged. Next Wednesday, on our fifth anniversary, we will be able to move in to our first new home! It's pre-fab and very basic, but it's ours! Okay, actually, it's the girls'. We bought them a cubby house, which will be delivered next week. But we're still excited! We're going to paint it, make curtains for it, buy little furniture for is still all the joy and excitement of a first home and we'll take it! Happy Anniversary to...them.


Christine said...

Sounds great fun - sure they'll love it :)

Anonymous said...

How typical of the two of you to buy something for others on your anniversary! Happy 5th Anniversary to you! Have fun making a new little home for the girls! They are so lucky, what a beautiful family to belong to!



schlelly said...


5 years! Geez louiz does time pass by quickly! I still remember the gorgeous photos of Venice and the beautiful couple. I sort of feel like your wedding was in October because seem to remember that's when I traveled down to New Orleans to partake in the the celebration! BBQ, ocean kayaking, sweet potato biscuits, and sightseeing galore! What GREAT memories!

Congrats on the investment. I'd seen these fun playhouses on TV: and thought I should recommend them to you when you're stateside, but I love the fact yours require a personal touch in terms of decorating. I'm certain the girls will LOVE it!

Aussie Mum said...

Congratulations on the 5th Wedding Anniversary and congratulations on the new house! Hope the girls love it as much as Will loves his!