Sunday, June 14, 2009

Attending a Christening and 1st birthday

Today, we attended the Christening and 1st birthday party of our little friend Connor. The Christening service was apart from a full mass, but there were many families being baptized at the same time. The service lasted about half an hour, which was about 25 minutes too long for our intrepid explorer.

Ellie, much to our great pride and amazement, sat calmly, quietly and paid rapt attention to everything that was happening, even after Papa and baby Stephanie had to go play outside.

Afterwards, the family celebrated Connor's first birthday with a great party at the Subiaco Playgroup. Such a smart choice of location for kids, as there were tons of toys and lots of great playspace outside. Ellie loved the playhouse (called "cubby house" here) and the dolls in prams, but she really loved the birthday cake. She had been waiting patiently for a slice literally all day long, since Mama made Connor's birthday cake. Ellie watched me create the icing, smooth and pipe the different colors onto the cake, asking every once in a while if she could have a bit...and waiting so nicely when the answer was she had to wait for the party later (she did get to eat bits I trimmed off and squeezed icing on for a treat). Oh, was she happy when cake time finally came!

How convenient that the icing matched her dress! Maybe I should plan it that way for parties in the future...


Christine said...

Great cake :) and good coordination! Ellie certainly seems to be enjoying it :)
I love the photos of Stephanie in church - she is really looking like Ellie now - back when we firtst met you :)
C x

Karly said...

I love the cake!! And the idea for matching the icing colors to Ellie's clothes is a fabulous idea.... ;)

P.S. Can you give me decorating lessons please? That's the one area I am seriously lacking in and need to learn (and my dad used to do wedding's terrible that I haven't learned yet!!)

Anonymous said...

WOW supermama, baking and decorating and photographing and EVERYTHING you do you do so
well! Thank you for the pictures, each one is a treasure! Kudos to Ellie for waiting, maybe she can teach that to her Mimi the next time we are together!