Sunday, June 21, 2009

Food and Friends

When we went to the Caversham Wildlife Park a few weekends ago, Markus took a lot of short video clips, but I just got around to watching them this weekend. This one of baby Stephanie cracked me up:

She had a fistful of kangaroo food that she'd taken from my hands, but she clearly didn't know what it was. The kangaroo did. Their interaction is pretty funny! It also reminded me of this favorite video of Ellie (shared before but new to you newcomers), a bit younger than Stephanie is now (taken back when we were in Qatar) and on the theme of (almost) sharing food with friends:


Christine said...

They are both lovely videos
Ellie's little friend was very patient :)

schlelly said...

Fantastic! I love how fearless Stephanie is with an animal that is bigger than she is! She'll conquer the world and her big sister will manage it - what a perfect pair!! I also love the fact you brought back the older video of Ellie. It reminds me of how much you've been through in the past few years because I believe that video was shot in a mall in Dubai - CRAZY!!

the dipe squad said...

I know! It's amazing the places we've been. Check out the dishdashas in the background, such a part of daily life in Dohot that I stopped noticing them after a while. I've been combing through my old photos recently (saved 4 years worth on my poor computer!), and the variety of locations is incredible. Even more incredible is that the girls will have no recollection of it by the time they are old enough to care. Photos and videos are good!