Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Laundry sprite

Baby Stephanie likes to help with the laundry. The front loader is a perfect height for her, and it is a sure-fire way to keep her entertained. These days, I always have to check the machine before I wash a load, because you can never be sure what she might have put in there. This weekend, I tried to capture a video of her taking care of the laundry. Alas, the clip is a bit lame since she didn't want to be filmed. You can still get an idea, and you can check out the hysterical socks she is wearing. Enjoy!

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schlelly said...

How Fantastic!! How do I obtain a laundry sprite? Well, I mean other than the long and arduous means you took to get one. I'm certain the means are very gratifying but I need a laundry sprite like, yesterday... or maybe 5 years ago... maybe even more like 12 years ago. If my sock drawer weren't already over flowing, to the point I've start encroaching on Eric's sock drawer space, I would definitely look for a pair of those in adult size. :-)