Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stephanie walking

There are few things I find cuter than a new walker. I love love love watching baby Stephanie walk...that wide-legged stance to accommodate the diaper, the waddle, the enthusiasm, the joy of it all! Now, you can watch a bit of it too, even if you aren't nearly as tickled as I am (though I can't imagine how that could be so). I captured this little video of her in our backyard on day 3 of the great walking experiment. I admit that it seems to capture more of her interaction with Ellie than it does her walking, but that's pretty darn cute too. I hope it makes you smile!


Anonymous said...

Oh this is ALL so wonderful! Thank you so much for this precious video! I love every single thing about it! The walking, the laughing, hearing everyone's voices, it is dear beyond words! Thank you thank you thank you!


schlelly said...

6 days and counting... I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms!! I know you don't get financially compensated like dooces and pioneer women but you have to feed the need! Please don't stay gone much longer! Kisses and hugs :-)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet big sister -- lucky baby Stephanie!

Chris said...

That is soooo sweet :)
Ellie is much more careful with her baby sister than Amelia is with her baby brother... She's very affectionate, but her hugs tend to be more like rugby tackles! We keep reminding her that Matty is likely to be bigger than her fairly soon :)