Thursday, May 28, 2009


This morning, I hosted a Biggest Morning Tea to raise money for the Cancer Council of Australia. I invited about 20 people (most of them were moms from Ellie's class), about half of whom were able to make it. Ever the DIY hostess, I let everyone serve themselves tea (obviously), spiced coffee cake, white batter bread with butter and jam, fruit salad (kindly prepared by my gorgeous redhead girlfriend), and the other goodies that trickled in with attendees. One of the mums from Ellie's school runs an online eco-clothing site, so she set up shop in our living room to add to the enticement. My bedroom became an impromptu dressing room, and I think she did a pretty mean trade this morning! Nearly everyone left with fabulous new goodies, and everyone seemed to have a great time...all for a wonderful cause! Cancer is a nasty beast, and it seems to be affecting just about everyone I know, either within their families or among friends. As you know, my dad died of colon cancer at 54. My dear girlfriend's husband was diagnosed with leukemia at age 28 and had a stem cell transplant just short of his 30th birthday; today he is doing well and building on a new life with his family. Research is well worth supporting! We raised $145 this morning, and I'll be proud to send that in.


schlelly said...

Kudos Darling! The nice thing about philanthropy is how satisfying it is to help others. Why don't people do it more often? Believe me, I'm part of the group that needs to do it more often so I'm not throwing stones. It's great to hear the venture was successful and it's great to hear you enjoyed the experience. Every dollar counts and you've made an incredible contribution! Again, KUDOS!!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! How lovely! I support you and your efforts 100%! Two of my cousins died of breast cancer, one of whom was very close with Grandpa. A terrible way to die for anyone, any form of this awful disease. My cause is Autism, and I thank you again for your support to me and the cause when I walk for the cure in October. As an aside, your menu sounds yummy. Looking forward to pictures!

Kiss kiss!


Karly said...

You are awesome!! Sounds like it was a lovely morning, and it is certainly a worthy cause.

Also, I totally agree with Mimi's aside...the menu does sound terrific! :) I'd love to see some pics too :)

the dipe squad said...

Thanks for the supportive words! The menu was indeed tres tres yum-may. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take any photos until everyone had gone home. Alas!