Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dining in the restaurant

While Markus was away, I moved the kids' table into the kitchen for dinnertime. The girls were hungry while I was trying to wash dishes and clean, and they tend to roam around like mad things while eating unless there is a parent in immediate vicinity...thus, the table move seemed the ideal option. They could not have been happier! We're so lucky to have a kitchen with ample space, so I think the table will stay. Ellie calls it "the restaurant", as in, "Mama, I want to eat breakfast in the restaurant." As if I didn't already feel like a short order cook.

Still, I have to admit that their enjoyment of the new location is so adorable and the nickname so appropriate, that I even eat there too sometimes.
Welcome to The Restaurant!

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Anonymous said...

This is too precious for words!
I love the location, the Maitre'D and the cook, as well as those beautiful patrons! As Tina Fey said on 30 Rock, "I want to go there."