Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another project on the pile

I have too many interests. On my creative to-do list alone, there are at least 10 started-yet-unfinished projects, and knitting has added a whole new dimension to my madness. The possibility of creating something beautiful and wearable with my own two hands...well, it has led to a yarn buying spree of ridiculous proportions. Although Australia is the world's biggest producer of wool, it actually processes very little of it, meaning most yarns are imported and quantities are small and irregular. If I find a yarn I love or a project I want to try, no one can tell me if the yarn will be available in a few months' time or if that color will still be around. Once a supply runs out, they don't reorder, and that has given me justification for my ever-growing stash. Of course, back in reality, I am a NEW knitter, which means I'm very slow. I know I have the skill, so I am all enthusiasm about every project I see, but they take me ages to finish. I have four projects on needles right now, the latest of which I just began yesterday. Check it out:

The two yarn colors are so different that I didn't know how it might work, but I am amazed at the color array this far. This is going to be one colorful piece! Assuming I ever get it far, I average 4 rows every 30 minutes, which isn't looking very promising in the completion department. At least I'm enjoying myself!

Ellie was sitting with me, coloring, as I cast on. When I came to a stopping place, she asked me to spread it out so she could see. She gave it a thorough examination and pronounced, "I like the colors! Maybe you should make one for you too!"


schlelly said...

Looks like a good start!! You are an amazingly creative woman - keep it up. If you need a particular type of yarn not available in australia I can always take a look for it here in the U.S.

Karly said...

Oh my dear...I too, would fall prey to buying all sorts of yarn and starting all sorts of projects. I took up quilting a couple of years ago, and started with just quilting a pattern on a blanket for Sam, then decided to piece together one as well. Neither is finished, and Sam keeps telling me that I have to finish his blanket...

Just give it time, and you will be a faster knitter. And, I totally love the project that you showed us!! Very pretty...and I love Ellie's comment! She has a great fashion sense already! :)

Anonymous said...

My little fashonistas! I LOVE that you are into knitting, so am I, BIG TIME!! Woo HOO! The scarf is gorgeous, and I am tickled to see you are using the book I sent you for Christmas! Ladies! Come join us! Let's all knit for each other, and make the world a happier, more beautiful place (let alone us!)



Anonymous said...

Ellie, you crack me up!