Monday, March 23, 2009


Last night as he was getting ready for work, Markus asked me if I knew where his cycling shorts were. Huh? Oh yeah, I usually wash them over the weekend! Instead, I still haven't folded the laundry I washed last Friday. Whoops. Caught slacking! I'm on it.
I notice I let the blog go by the wayside too. This seems to happen quite a lot lately. We're just caught up in all the little moments here! Baby Stephanie has become so busy and engaging, and Ellie never stopped. They keep us both going going going until they go to bed at night, and by then, I'm well out of blog-mode. The good news is it's all good. Both girls are happy, healthy and well. The weather is slowly turning towards autumn, and we've had some lovely cool mornings and evenings of late. We've been getting outside and enjoying every minute! The downside is the coolness is reminding us of how cold it gets in this old house in the winter; we're trying to fight the dread...and trying to plan a short summery holiday to escape the depths of it sometime in July.

I have lots of photos yet to share, and I've uploaded many onto flickr. You can see them shifting around on the sidebar. Clicking on that will take you to the whole bunch. I'll also do some catch-up posting. We have had many fun outings that came and went so quickly that I forgot to share at the time. The nice thing about the internet is you can always come back and check in to see what's new. I've been caught slacking, so no excuses.

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Karly said...

You know, I am notorious for not folding the laundry right away, and have been known to slack pretty seriously on my you get a total pass from me on slacking somewhat (both in the laundry and blog categories!!) Glad to know that all is well there. It's weird to think that it's autumn there and spring is finally arriving here :) Can't wait to see more posts when you have time, and really, I think that enjoying your family is an EXTREMELY good reason for not posting quite as often!! Sending lots of love your way...