Monday, March 23, 2009

School carnival

Two Fridays ago, Ellie's school had a carnival. It's a small school so the carnival was small too, but it was pretty fun. There was a big bouncy castle, a fun surfboard set-up that was similar to a bucking bronco ride (surf until it throws you off into the bouncy-castle-like perimeter), a velcro-ninja wall, bouncy sumo, a band, a baby animal farm, a clown...oh, the clown. Yes, the clown. Why oh why did there have to be a clown? The trauma. If you heard piteous 3-year-old wailing on Friday the 13th, it was probably Ellie's reaction to that darned clown. He was nowhere near her, but his existence was enough to do it. Well, if there's anything that can possibly undo serious clown trauma, it would be the baby animals. A traveling farm set up a pen with a calf, several small lambs and goats, chickens, ducks, bunnies, and (randomly) a huge brown dog with fur like a sheep. Ellie was none too crazy about the huge brown dog, but she loved the rest and baby Stephanie loved it all! Please excuse the cheesy music in the little movie I made. My song of choice refused to play. I have no idea why.

For some reason, the movie upload is so pixelated that it looks like we are in a witness protection program. The girls' expressions are the reason for the sharing, so I will try to fix this problem soon.

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Karly said...

Looks like so much fun!! Sam heard the music when I started playing the video, ran over, took one glance at the screen, and said, "Is this a story of Ellie?" You guys are getting famous around our house!! :)

Oh, and the clown would totally freak me out too...I am NOT a fan...Ellie has at least one person who completely agrees with her on that point!